Celebrating 21% pa returns over the last 3 years!

21% p.a. average returns since in the last 3 years!



Sometimes investing feels slow and boring and most of the time it is. However it’s important to stick to the plan and keep going and celebrate the progress along the way.

Our Share Investing Portfolio is currently 90% Australian LICs + VGS (Global ETF ex Australia) and has returned a massive 21.5% pa over the last three years! Yah!

No doubt we are entering into the frothy area of the market but hey, why not look at the view when approaching the top as there were some tough bits of the climb along the way. And sure, there will be some steep descents again in the future.

We have spoken about our 1/3 Rule to diversify your investments. As a comparison our Net returns over the same time period on our IPs has been 31% pa and Super 26% pa (including contributions). So yes it’s been worth investing. Will these returns continue?  Absolutely not. Will they happen again? Yes, big returns will happen again.

Property over the long term sees 80% of the returns 20% of time but hey, why not celebrate the success! 

Since selling our individual shares (+12 holdings) and moving into LICs (4 holdings) plus an ETF, the stress has been removed to stay on top of the current company / industry news. We can sit back and know we have Portfolio Managers putting our hard earned money into the right areas. We have the DRP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) on so all dividends are automatically reinvested free of charge (no brokerage).  

Simple strategies are worth their weight in gold. Please feel free to celebrate your FIRE strategy successes in the comments below, we’d love to hear them and celebrate with you!

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  1. Jane

    Hi guys, I’ve just discovered your blog 😁

    Can I ask which are the 4 LICs you have? And why only one ETF?

    I already have ARG, AFI & VAS. I have a sum from a sale of an IP, and am deliberating over where to send it!

    1. Family On FIRE

      Hi Jane, Thanks for reaching out. The 4 LICs are ARG, AFI, BKI and was MLT (now SOL – yay always wanted them). We have VGS for global exposure. LICs have a better structure for us (owner doesn’t get a CGT bill each year for internal ETF re-balancing).Congratulations on your sale too!

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