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10 Side Hustle Ideas to Help You Reach FIRE Faster

Blog by Trish

When aiming for FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) it is important to spend less than you earn and save/invest the rest. If you are like us and wish to speed up your FIRE journey (yes, we are an impatient family!), it is ideal to find ways to increase your income so that you can achieve financial independence sooner, or even just contribute more to your “Fat FIRE” long-term lifestyle.

There are many ways to increase your income – for example: you can work hard in the workplace to be promoted to a higher paying role or as a family, both partners can choose to work full or part time to increase the family income. In our family, Cam is our main breadwinner and works full time. I (Trish) run some small businesses part time around our busy household with three school-aged kids.

But there are other ways to increase your income quite easily. Introducing – side hustles! Side hustles are a fantastic way to bring in extra income outside of your usual work. Every extra dollar that you earn, no matter how small, is bringing you closer to your FIRE goal.

My own side hustle is creating social media content for other businesses. This is something that I can fit in around my family and business priorities. And the best part is, I actually love it! I chose something that I already enjoyed doing for my own businesses and can work my own hours from home.

Are you unsure of what you could do to earn some extra cash? Don’t worry, there are SO many amazing side hustle opportunities out there, the possibilities are endless!

To help you out, I have listed 10 side hustle ideas to help you reach FIRE faster. Please comment below with your own side hustle ideas, we’d love to hear them!

1. House and Office Cleaning

There is huge demand for cleaners these days! You may find some local families who are looking for someone to come in for a couple hours a week to clean their house. Or some local businesses that need an office cleaner a couple of evenings a week.

If you live near a tourist destination then the need for cleaners of Airbnb rentals is huge.

Advertise your services on local Facebook groups and sign up to Airtasker which is a fantastic platform for introducing people needing small jobs down with those who can offer the service

2. Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Do you love animals? Perfect! Many local families are too time poor to take their beloved dog/s for a daily walk and seek a regular dog walker. Others need occasional pet sitting due to going on a holiday or a work trip.

Advertise your services on your local Facebook groups and sign up to websites like Pawshake and MadPaws

3. Handyman Work

Are you hand with a hammer and screwdriver? Many people are not and need people like you! You can offer basic services such as assembling flat-pack furniture or trampolines, small repair jobs for household furniture, etc.

Set yourself up with a profile on websites such as Airtasker to advertise and also bid for work that you can fit in around your own schedule.

4. Uber Driver

Do you enjoy driving and meeting new and interesting people? Then becoming an Uber driver could be perfect for you! Pick people up in your spare time and earn some extra cash. Some people do this before or after work and on weekends. It is so flexible and you can pick and choose times that suit you.

5. Virtual Assistant

If you have skills such as administration, bookkeeping, social media management, copywriting, event management, etc. then becoming a virtual assistant (a.k.a VA) is a fantastic way to earn additional income.

What IS a virtual assistant? A VA is someone who is self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely. Usually from a home office.

If you would love to do this, but don’t know where to start, you can join a VA network such as Virtually Yours to help get you started.

6. Homestays / Hosting Students

Do you have a spare bedroom and a love for hosting guests? Then offering a homestay for students could work really well for you and help you earn extra income.

Many students are looking for somewhere close to school/uni to board while they are away from home. Some are international students, and others are from interstate or remote towns who need somewhere to stay while they study.

Sign up to websites such as the Australian Homestay Network and Student Accommodation Services Australia to offer your services.

7. Babysitting

Offering babysitting is a very simple way of earning additional income. Many parents need a night off on a regular basis, or sometimes just for a special occasion or appointment. You can offer your services to family, friends and local families and even sign up with websites such as Find A Babysitter.

Be aware that you may be required to show working with children and police checks before you will be accepted.

8. Lawn Mowing and Garden Maintenance

If you enjoy being outdoors and don’t mind mowing a lawn, then let your neighbours know! So many people don’t have the time, equipment or ability to take care of their own lawns and are more than happy to pay someone to do this for them. Especially someone who offers competitive rates.

Our 12 year old son mows local lawns on a regular basis to earn some extra pocket money – he has been inundated with requests, there is definitely demand for it!

You can advertise your services by creating a simple brochure (I love using Canva for creating professional-looking brochures) and dropping it into local letter boxes, posting in your local community’s Facebook group or signing up with a website like Airtasker

9. Delivering Advertising Material and Local Newspapers

This is an awesome way to get some fresh air and increase your fitness! If you have a family, you can get your kids involved for some neighbourhood fun while earning some extra cash. Try contacting your local newsagency or newspaper to apply or sign up to websites such as Deliver For Dollars.

10. Teaching Computer Skills

There are many people who would love to learn the basics with computers, iPads, tablets, mobile phones, etc., but don’t know where to start. Many elderly people feel daunted by the latest technology and need someone with skill and patience to help them one-on-one. In today’s times, not being tech-savvy can be isolating, so help in this area can be very enriching.

Do you know a thing or two about technology? Then why don’t you offer your services to some locals in need and earn an income while you do it?

You could offer to teach basic computer skills, such as using Word or browsing the internet. You could help set up a new iPad or smart phone for someone who has no idea where to start.

Advertise your services on local community Facebook groups, in your local community house and nursing homes or on websites such as Airtasker

I hope something in this list of side hustles will work for you! Do you already have a side hustle? Please share with us what you do to earn some extra income in the comments below!

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