Another 21% pa return over the last 4 years!

21% p.a. Average Net Worth Increase Over the Last 4 Years!

We were just checking our share portfolio and realised today we had exactly 15.00% return for the last 12 months! Don’t you love it when you find a nice round number? Maybe just me – haha. Like when you glance down at the odometer reading and it’s turning over to another 1000 – I somehow feel lucky! 

Upon some other checks we found our:

Net Worth up 21% p.a in the last 4 years! I forgot how up and down it was! Looking back in 12 month blocks:

Jul20 = -1%
Jul21 = +53%
Jul22 = +5%
Jul23 = +32%
So if I was a fund manager I would only say the last 3 years were up +28% p.a.

Must be a fluke right? Well checking back to 2010 our Net Worth went up 17% p.a!

Our Equities (Shares + Super) up 16% this calendar year. 

The above increases are with us contributing to both our supers from our day jobs but not much more over recent years.

We are planning on an average of 7.5% increase moving forward but will take the wins on the board. Love it when a simple plan turns out.

Please feel free to celebrate your FIRE strategy successes in the comments below, we’d love to hear them.

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